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New armor!

Made my new armor, rooted in solid research on Ottoman goodness (but in no way Period in a way I'm 100% proud of... Good start). I still need to make a proper onion top helm with my enabler Steinbjorn, but he taught me so so much about leather working and metal working that I have good reason to be proud of making everything I wore (except linking the links of the chain shirt together, and the gambeson, and the trim on the gambeson).


Grown ups

Today Andrew and I got a Costco membership and stocked up on a few things. I feel like we're grown ups now.
Cripes I love Costco a whole lot.
- A

Free Bird!

This past weekend was our big Baron's Ball SCA event (150+ folks attended), and cripes I was busy.  My "down time" was when I was being a Lady in Waiting to our noble Queen, which doesn't feel like work in the slightest and is super enjoyable, but it's still a thing to do on a schedule.

- Designed and ran the war scenarios for youth armored combat (I'm the Baronial YAC marshal)
- Set up and ran the make-a-veggie-monster family activity, and the populace voted for their favorite critter (I'm also the Family Activity Coordinator)
- Taught a class about water bearing and got a new crop of waterbearers (and a few veterans) going during the tourney
- Marshalled the war-style tourney
- Lady in Waiting-ed
- Ran the archery range for 2 hours and snuck in some shooting.  Shot a stuffed animal pinned to the 20yd butt and won it for one of the kids, then did some grouping work on the 15 since no one was really shooting there.

Plus helping with set-up and take-down.

I also spent Saturday fasting because it was Yom Kipppur, which was really really tough.  I'm glad I had the option to drink water.

And that's not all!
- Was awarded an Award of Arms, so I now have the title "Lady", as a fully integrated member of the SCA.  Since I'm Ottoman, I'd prefer to go by the equivalent title "Hanimefendi", but it's a mouthful, so eh.  All else being equal, being an Arcuarius for archery is most imporant to me anyway, and that's the title I'm so proud to bear on behalf of my Archos.
- I entered the bardic competition, as part of my ongoing process to not be scared of singing memorized things in public.  Found a folk song I liked, turned in my research/documentation, got the audience involved in singing it, and turned on the stage presence I developed when I was a Rubber Chicken.  Since I had previously fasted for 20ish hours, then ate a muffin, then drank two hard apple ciders to clear my nerves, I thought I did a good job.  "Good job" is defined as "didn't get tired of listening to myself sing", which happens fairly often.
And I must have done something right, because I won!
For the next year, I'm the Bardic Champion of Wastekeep!!  I'll have a cloak to wear and I'll represent us at other bardic events.  It's such an honor, and I want to do my Barony proud.

As my predasessor (who is the current Kingdom Champion) very wisely and rightfully reminded me, bardic is more than singing.  So I'm taking that to heart, and will spend the next year integrating improv experiences into my bardic, because improv comedy is the perfomance style I'm actually good/trained at.
I want to teach others that bardic is for everyone, and that anyone can be a bard.

I'm so looking forward to... everything!
- A

Guardians redux!

The first time I saw Guardians of the Galaxy (and I can't decide if that or the first Iron Man is my fave Marvel film), it was special because it was with the SCAdians. I saw a movie about friends, with my friends. It's been a while since I lived somewhere long enough to have friends to see movies with.
(And sure enough, we listened to the Awesome Mix vol. 1 as we drove to war the next weekend.)

This second viewing was my treat to my parents, and I got us all tickets to see it IMAX 3D! Fantastic the second time around, and both IMAX and 3D were great enhancements.

A good night in NVA!!
- A

YASSSS Bob's Burgers FTW

The list of winners for the 2014 Creative Arts Emmys is out, and my very beloved "Bob's Burgers" has won for outstanding animated show.

I have such an undying love for BB, and the many amazing characters in this thing (Kristen Schall as Louise is my everything, I want to be fearless Tina, but omg I am Gene), and the love and unconditional acceptance Bob and Linda have for their kids, and most importantly:

1) THIS HUMOR IS MY HUMOR, which no other comedy has done.  Like, the jokes BB makes are the jokes I'd make for the funny.


The unmitigated bestest:

Will get stuck in your head and I'm NOT sorry:

I wish to sing this in November.

I sing this very often, subbing in fears as appropriate:

SO good!!!!

Go watch Bob's Burgers.  You are welcome.
- A

War of the Coprophages

"These bugs... they drive me crazy!"



Omg Syzygy is next. Good one! Second half of season 3 for all the wins!
- A

Edit: OH sweet Zep Syzygy is so so so GOOD. Scully has no time for anyone's shit.
Sure. Fine. Whatever.


XF rewatch thoughts

I've been continuing the X-Files rewatch whilst doing a number of activities: beading, embroidering, stuffing approx. 10 bazillion wedding invites....

Today I watch and do data entry, since it's my office day this week.

First of all, as beautiful as Humbug was when I hit that episode, Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose is PERFECTION. Sweet zombie Jeebus, the details! Appropriate and ironic foreshadowing, snappy dialogue, hilarity, gravitas, Peter Boyle! The 45min flew by. Emmys all around, and much deserved.

And now I'm on Niesi, and omg I forgot about Pendrell! He is so adorkable I cannot deal. Not looking forward to season 4 now.

As I chug along through season 3, historically my favorite season, although 5 is a close second, I get more and more excited for War of the Coprophages, and, of course, Jose Chung's From Outer Space.
Darin Morgan, forever my king.
- A



It's supposed to be 99`F on Thursday... this is our coolest day in the forecast.  Nothing but days in the 100s, including 111`F on Sunday, for a good while.

Wouldn't surprise me if they canceled fighter's practice for a bit.  We ended up canceling archery practice today.

Speaking of, here are videos from An Tir - West War (er... West - An Tir War this year, since West Kingdom hosted it and we used their rules).
You'll see a 2 archers and a crossbowman behind the hay bales.  There's an archer in a white helm... I'm the archer with the Mongolian-style helm next to her.  Red flaps of fabric hanging halfway down my helm.  I'm totally yelling for Astrid (buddy in white helm) in the second vid to show her a target.  She's telling me where to shoot for much of the first vid.

(Edit: at 5:36 in the first vid, you can see me take out the pikeman in white!)

Neither of us shoot that often because we're trying to conserve ammo in a 4 hour unlimited rez scenario.  Also, since it was West Kingdom rules this year, "plate is proof", so anyone with plate armor (including helms!) is immune to arrows.  It was ROUGH.  I was proud to hear that our own An Tir fighters decided to use An Tir rules anyway, and if they got hit with an arrow anywhere legal (no matter the armor they wore), they took the death anyway.

Pump up the resolution if you can.

At closing court, a Westie archer (good guy!) got up to talk about his dream of West Kingdom fighters working more closely with the combat archers.  The West King then told that guy the dream is already alive... in the kingdom of An Tir!  He said our archers won us the war!!  There were only about 6-8 of us plus a few crossbows on any given day, so HUZZAH to us!
Great group.
- A

New-new (recurve) bow

Dear new-new bow, aka 25 lb recurve,

You and I are amazing.  Thank you for letting me honorably pwn some people last weekend.  It was magical.

Cripes I love combat archery.

Now let's worry about target competition in about a week, and then we go off to An Tir West War!!
- A

New bow

Dear New Bow,

I wish you had an arrow ledge like Old Bow (baronial loaner bow) does.  You shoot really nicely, though, so let's work together on this one.  I wrap your handle, I practice shooting from the knuckle?

On the upside, I bet I could compete period with you.



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